Nana was a Suffragette

  1. Oh you nev­er knew my Nana, she died four years ago
    She lived in that old folks home in Moss Side, you know,
    I used to go on Sun­days, some­times took the kids
    I was always so proud of what she did

Nana was a suf­fragette, almost the last alive
Nana was a suf­fragette, over nine­ty five
Singing ‘œVotes for women, is just a begin­ning
You haven’t seen any­thing yet‘ -
Nana was a suffragette

  1. When I was young I trea­sured an old pho­to of my Nan
    Speak­ing to some work­ers from a clar­i­on van
    You wouldn’t think it of her, she looked so frail and ill
    But on that day Nana emp­tied all the women from the mill

Nana was a suf­fragette nev­er thought to fail
Nana was a suf­fragette, spent a night in jail

  1. The proud­est day in Nana’s life was when the vote was won
    The papers said ‘œIt’s over!‘ but Nan had just begun
    Her Women’s Com­mit­tee went on to bet­ter things
    And they chal­lenged the Union, the Coun­cil and their wed­ding rings

Nana was a suf­fragette, only five foot tall
Nana was a suf­fragette, took on City Hall

(Women only)

  1. Now here I’m stand­ing with my col­lege degree
    And my own kids have more options than Nana could fore­see
    But if you think we’re sat­is­fied, take a look around
    There’s a lot of angry women won’t let their nanas down

Nana was a suf­fragette, it’s as if she’s still alive,
Nana was a suf­fragette, their voic­es still sur­vive

Repeat last verse togeth­er with:

On and on and on,you can’t kill the spir­it,
She is like a moun­tain, old and strong,
She goes on and on and on, you can’t kill the spirit

(repeat last chorus)

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