Protest in Harmony

Protest in Har­mo­ny is a rad­i­cal singing group based in Edin­burgh.
We sing songs of protest and strug­gle. We sing about peace, jus­tice,
the envi­ron­ment and human rights.
We sing at events and demon­stra­tions. Any­one can join us, no expe­ri­ence nec­es­sary, and no audi­tions.
We are not affil­i­at­ed to any polit­i­cal, envi­ron­men­tal or reli­gious group.
We believe that song can be a pow­er­ful, pos­i­tive force.

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We’re delight­ed that we won the 2018 Trad Com­mu­ni­ty Music Project of the Year!Trad Community Music Project of the Year 2018 winner logo