Carbon Free Society

1. How many types of local fruit and veg
In a car­bon free soci­ety?
Here’s all the places we can grow our food
In a car­bon free soci­ety
Apple trees along the street, win­dow box­es full of wheat
Beans in the back­green, peas in the park
There’s a busy local mar­ket full of local food
In a car­bon free society

2. How many types of trans­port do we have
In a car­bon free soci­ety
Here’s all the ways that we can get about
In a car­bon free soci­ety
Bicy­cles for all to share, pub­lic trans­port every­where
Cars run­ning on clean ener­gy
Oh there’s bike paths and bus lanes and danc­ing in the street
In a car­bon free society

3. How many ways of mak­ing ener­gy
In a car­bon free soci­ety
Here’s how we make all the pow­er that we need
In a car­bon free soci­ety
Wind­mills turn­ing on the hill, solar pow­er for when it’s still
Geo ther­mal heat­ing, hydro schemes,
Oh we’re cosy and warm in our insu­lat­ed homes
In a car­bon free society


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