How Much?

1. How much do you need to pay a banker?
- that one with the very big car
How much is he need­ing for his bonus?
Oh I do hope that banker goes far

2. How much do you pay that cen­tre for­ward?
- the one with the num­ber 9 vest.
How much does he need for all his man­sions?
Oh I do hope that play­er’s the best

3. How much for a com­pa­ny direc­tor?
- that one with the mas­sive pay rise.
How much does he need for his incen­tive?
Oh I do hope it’s a pleas­ant surprise

4. How much is she get­ting in her pay cheque?
- that clean­er who works night and day.
How much can she take before she breaks down?
Oh I do hope that clean­er’s OK

Go up a semi­tone at the end of each verse (add in anoth­er beat so the last syl­la­ble lands on the key note and then goes up a semi­tone) and begin the next verse in this new key.

You tube video of Pat­ti Page singing How Much is that Dog­gie in the Window 

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