Comin’ Home

1. Put a light in the win­dow, your broth­er’s com­ing home
Set a meal on the table, your broth­er’s com­ing home.
He’ll be tired and weary after all these years alone.
He’s com­ing home, your broth­er’s com­ing home.

2. Take the chain from the door your sis­ter’s com­ing home
Open wide your arms your sis­ter’s com­ing home.
Don’t leave her stand­ing there after all the pain she’s known
She’s com­ing home, your sis­ter’s com­ing home

Com­ing home to a place they’ve nev­er been;
com­ing home to a land they’ve nev­er seen;
com­ing home to a fam­i­ly they have nev­er known.
All Jock Tam­son’s bairns are com­ing home.

 3. He’s been angry and afraid your father’s com­ing home.
He’s been hound­ed and betrayed your father’s com­ing home,
and with every act of kind­ness a seed of hope is sown
He’s com­ing home your father’s com­ing home.


 4. Take her in from the cold your moth­er’s com­ing home
Sit her down by the fire your moth­er’s com­ing home
Make her warm, make her wel­come before the chance is gone
She’s com­ing home, your moth­er’s com­ing home.

5. From Iraq and Zim­bab­we your fam­i­ly’s com­ing home
And from Turkey and Soma­lia your fam­i­ly’s com­ing home
Seek­ing rest and refuge they have nev­er known
They’re com­ing home, your fam­i­ly’s com­ing home.

Sug­gest for per­for­mance, vv1 & 2 uni­son, v3 + des­cant, v 4 wom­ens’ voic­es only, then v5 + des­cant , cho­rus always in 3 parts.


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