Axe the Bedroom Tax Day, March 30th

Sat­ur­day 30 March 2013 — Axe the Bed­room Tax Day

We gath­ered at the cor­ner of St Andrew Square, a group of some 15–20 Protest singers well wrapped up and ready to give voice to the Bed­room Tax protest. Our song sheets con­tained a mix of gold­en oldies and some songs hot off the press, writ­ten specif­i­cal­ly for this event. As is so often the case though, the lyrics might be new but the tunes invari­ably are quite famil­iar. So, as we pro­gressed under our ban­ner along Princes Street, we soon found that our num­bers had increased sub­stan­tial­ly, peo­ple ini­tial­ly join­ing in the cho­rus­es then ask­ing for song sheets so that they could sing along with the vers­es too. By the time we neared the Par­lia­ment we had a choir of 60 or 70 peo­ple, cheer­ful­ly telling Ian Dun­can Smith just what he could do with his Bed­room Tax! Anoth­er enjoy­able out­ing with Protest in Harmony.

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