Ye’ll No Sit Here

  1. Doon at Ard­nad­um, sit­tin’ at the pier
    When Ah heard a polis shout, ‘Ye’ll no sit here!’

‘Ay but Ah wull sit here!’
‘Naw, but ye’ll no sit here!’
‘Aye, but Ah wull! ‘Naw but ye’ll no!’
‘Aye, but Ah wull sit here!’

  1. ’Twas chief Inspec­tor Run­cie, enhanc­ing his career,
    Pranc­ing up an’ doon the road like Yogi Bear.
  2. He caa’d for help tae Glesca, they near­ly chowed his ear:
    We’ve got the Gers and Celtic demon­stra­tors here.
  3. He tele­phoned the sodgers, but did­nae mak it clear.
    The sodgers sent doon Andy Stew­art tae volunteer.
  4. He radioed the White Hoose, but a’ that he could hear
    Wis twa‘¦wan‘¦zero — an’ the set went queer.
  5. For Jack had drapt an H‑bomb an’ gied his-sel a shroud,
    An’ met wi’ Bil­ly Gra­ham on a wee white cloud.


This song is a typ­i­cal Scots anti-nuclear-weapons song, based on a rude Glas­gow ‘street’ song. this is the 1960s ver­sion, which was revised for use in the 1970s, then the 1980s, then again in 2006 when the loca­tion was Faslane and the vil­lains were updat­ed, and the police tried not to laugh!

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