Ley Mashale / People of Bhopal

Call and response
Ley mashale chal puré hai 
_ hum Bhopal_ ke (x2) 
-a-andere jeete lenge             
Log_ hum Bhopal_ ke (x2)    

Puch-ti hai jhop-a-di aor            
etai hai khet -a- bhi (x2)

telak lutedai rehengai            
Log_ hum Bhopal_ ke (x2) 

 Bin lerai kuch bhi nahi mil-ta yaha ye jhan-a-ke
Abb-a-ledai ledh_ rehi hai
Log_ hum Bhopal_ ke (x2)

 Dekh-a-yara jo subha lag-ti hai fiki aj-kal
_rang usmai bharenge
Log_ hum Bhopal_ ke (x2)

  • Bold let­ter­ing = empha­sised beat 
  • Under­score = fill space with glot­tal stop
  • Ital­ics = high­er tune

Togeth­er we will con­quer dark­ness with the peo­ple of Bhopal (x2)
Union Car­bide, Dow and Tata: multi­na­tion­al crim­i­nals (x2)
Jus­tice for the world’s exploit­ed led by peo­ple of Bhopal (x2)

Eng­lish trans­la­tion by Dharmesh Shah and Eurig Scandrett

 We have torch­es in our hands and we keep walk­ing, we the peo­ple of Bhopal
Now we will con­quer dark­ness, we the peo­ple of Bhopal

The huts ask us and the fields ask us
How long will you be exploit­ed, peo­ple of Bhopal?

 Know­ing that you can get noth­ing with­out strug­gle
Now we are fight­ing a bat­tle, the peo­ple of Bhopal

Look my friend, the morn­ings which look so dull these days
Will be coloured red by the peo­ple of Bhopal


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