William Morris

This is the view I hold today, and hope to die still holding
That long-dreamt dreams of com­mon­wealth thro’ his­to­ry are unfolding
Where there are nei­ther rich nor poor, nor over­worked nor idle.
No mas­ter nor no mas­tered one, nor any bit nor bridle.

  1. First I claim good health for all, and next good education
    And then the right to leisure time, the joys of recreation
    And then I claim the right to work, in work feel no resentment
    And the right to share my labour’s fruits, and live in qui­et contentment.
  2. Our rot­ten sham soci­ety heaps wealth we fools are making,
    Upon the rich, who rich­er grow and only live by taking.
    By harm­ing one we all are harmed, by exploita­tion sundered.
    On profit’s wheel we are ground down, by com­pe­ti­tion rendered.


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