Somos Todes!

Writ­ten by musi­cian-activists in Chile, Cana­da, USA, Scot­land & Eng­land, in sup­port of the com­mu­ni­ty of Putaen­do as they resist Cana­di­an min­ing com­pa­ny Los Andes Copper


Somos la tier­ra, we are the earth,

Somos el agua, we are the water

Somos el aire, we are the air

Somos el fuego, we will rise

Somos Todas, Somos Todos, Somos Todes.

Somos Todas, Somos Todos, Somos Todes.


Learn and sing along:


Short film includ­ing the song and voic­es of activists in Putaendo:

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