A Hunger Fast

Trad. South African Free­dom Song ‘Azikatali’

New Lyrics: Mar­garet Brem­n­er & Pen­ny Stone


We are the chil­dren of Palestine,

And it’s for free­dom that we’re strik­ing (x2)


A hunger fast, a hunger fast,

And it will take some real strength. (x2)


Demand­ing free­dom and dignity,

And sol­i­dar­i­ty from you and me. (x2)


Locked up in prison, on strike for justice

We will not bow down to Tyran­ny. (x2)


Israeli pris­ons are built around us,

We must end the occu­pa­tion now. (x2)


PDF: A Hunger Fast

All Parts:








Bass (sung an octave higher):




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