TTIP Flashmob 11th October 2014

Straight after our reg­u­lar rehearsal some 15–20 of us made our way down to The Mound for this event. While the TTIP robots were get­ting into their cos­tumes we were invit­ed onto the plinth to per­form our songs, some of which we’d only learned that morning!

Hav­ing start­ed with Don’t Sell Our Health­care we swift­ly moved on to TTIP which was very well received by the crowd and we soon had them join­ing in with our Vil­lage Peo­ple actions. Next we sang My Water’s on Fire Tonight in which, under the guid­ance of Jane, we were sup­plied with a great rhythmn sec­tion from the assem­bled ‘mob’.

Anoth­er enjoy­able event.
Here’s a link to a video of the event:

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