We’re Standing Here

We’re stand­ing here, for this is an emergency,
We’re stand­ing here for all that we hold dear,
We’re stand­ing here, for beau­ty and diversity,
And we’re stand­ing in the love that binds us all

And we demand our gov­ern­ment must tell the truth,
And they must act as if the truth is real,
And we demand a citizen’s assem-b-ly
To urgent­ly cre­ate a new green deal

We’re ris­ing up! We stand here in rebellion,
And we declare that e‑co-cide’s a crime
In love and rage, and peace­ful dis-o-bed-ience,
The signs are clear,
We’re run­ning out of time
(Fin­ish with sec­tion A end­ing on love that binds us all)

All parts:

Sop (tune):




Totnes choir — all parts:


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