Here We Are Again

Inspired by the Peace News “The World Is My Coun­try” exhi­bi­tion — a visu­al cel­e­bra­tion of the peo­ple and move­ments that opposed the first world war. In April 1918 the police destroyed the machin­ery belong­ing to the print­er Samuel Street who had been print­ing the Tri­bunal, the news­pa­per of the No Con­scrip­tion Fel­low­ship. A group of women print­ed and dis­trib­uted the paper in secret right up to Jan­u­ary 1920, much to the dis­may of the authorities!

Here we are again we stand for liberty
and the women worked so the ink of the press ran free.
Here we are again we stand for liberty
and the words of peace were out for all to see

  1. We have done for you this time, they said,
    that will be the end of that
    and they thought they’d smashed the paper dead
    so the words of peace could not be read


  1. So the women bought some paper and type,
    a hand press and some ink
    and they hid their tools right out of sight
    and ran that press both day and night


  1. The bob­bies saw them come and go
    with prams and mother’s things
    but they nev­er thought that there below
    it was women who ran the print­ing show


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