Fight Back

We’ve killer subs under our oceans
We’ve frigates and launch­es on sprees
The bil­lions they’re spend­ing on missiles
You’d think it was grow­ing on trees.

Fight back, oh fight back
We need to speak up to stay free, stay free
Fight back, oh fight back
Who said they could spend that? Not me!

They’re shut­ting our lib’ries and clinics
Podi­a­try? Wait half a year.
Your wheel­chair is bro­ken? Stay home sir.
For a tank or machine gun? Queue here. 


Their aim it is clear, but shortsighted;
Buy big­ger, buy cheap­er, sell fast.
Don’t ques­tion the morals or death count,
A con­science’s a thing of the past.

Cho­rus (x2)

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