Child of the Universe

  1. Here’s a lit­tle his­to­ry
    Of a big­ger mys­tery,
    I have writ­ten this sto­ry into my song,
    If it isn’t what you’re used to
    I hope it will amuse you,
    And maybe if you choose to
    Then you’ll sing along
    It goes:

I am as old as the uni­verse,
I’ve been here before
And I’ll be here again,
I am a child of the uni­verse,
A part of all women
And a part of all men

  1. Once upon a some­time
    And once upon a some­where,
    And once upon a some­how
    There was a big bang.
    Ener­gy revolv­ing
    And ener­gy dis­solv­ing
    And ener­gy evolv­ing
    And that’s what I am
  2. I’m a lit­tle flower
    That blos­soms for an hour
    But in me there’s a pow­er
    That goes on and on,
    Pow­er in the roots of me,
    Pow­er in the shoots of me,
    Pow­er in the fruit
    That will pass my seed on
  3. I am not a some­body
    I am not a nobody
    I’m a cell in one body fill­ing all space,
    All I ever could be
    And all I ever should be
    And all I ever will be
    Is here in this place
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