Bury Trident

Tri­dent, tri­dent, Mon­ey down the drain,
It can kill all liv­ing crea­tures and then kill them all again
It’s time we got togeth­er and it’s time we made a fuss
So that we can bury tri­dent, before it buries us.

  1. Who’re you try­ing to tar­get, who’re you try­ing to kill?
    Who are you deter­ring? Tell us if you will
    Does it make you feel like Tarzan? Do you get a man­ly thrill?
    While we poor bloody suck­ers, are pick­ing up the bill.
  2. Cameron’s our leader, a fel­low you can trust
    He’s got his fin­ger on the but­ton and he’ll press it if he must
    Then the ene­my will do the same, and we’ll all have to adjust
    To being tiny par­ti­cles of patri­ot­ic dust 
  3. We’re against pro­lif­er­a­tion. Every­thing you do
    Is an open invi­ta­tion, to join the nuclear queue
    There’s Israel and India and Pak­istan too
    Soon every­one will want to have as big a bomb as you.
  4. But New Labour bombs humane­ly, so that makes things OK
    There’s com­pas­sion for the elder­ly, ‘œPoor old Pinochet‘
    Our schools are all above aver­age, the ‘old boy’ network’s new
    And the NHS is fit, so long as no-one has the flu!

Cho­rus x2

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