Stroove 22nd to 24th March 2013

This will go down in PIH annals as the Win­ter Won­der­land Stroove. It is a real tes­ta­ment to PIH mem­bers dogged per­se­ver­ance that every­one man­aged to make it either arriv­ing by car, bus or train. Even a major break­down in the mid­dle lane of the A8 did not put peo­ple off!

It was a love­ly week­end of singing, eat­ing and social­iz­ing. Not only was the selec­tion of songs inspir­ing, thanks to our ded­i­cat­ed song lead­ers for this, but a new rhythm sec­tion emerged and will hope­ful­ly con­tin­ue to devel­op as the dread­ed frack­ing con­tin­ues to advance.

The weath­er put paid to the flour labyrinth, but we were able to recog­nise World Earth hour dur­ing the Sat­ur­day social. This has to be one of the best ‘per­for­mance’ evenings yet, in no small part due to some very real­is­tic ani­mal impres­sions. I doubt any­one present will be able to look seri­ous­ly at a stick insect again.

So well fed, social­ized and enter­tained we all left very sat­is­fied after lunch on Sun­day, thanks to the hero­ic snow clear­ing by a few intre­pid souls. Roll on Stroove 2014!

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