Seven Generations

Mor­ag Carmichael
Based on the teach­ing of the Iro­quois

A: Sev­en gen­er­a­tions hence
Is where we look to
Sev­en gen­er­a­tions hence
We need to bear in mind in all we do (×4)

B: Long view, big pic­ture (×4)
Will the earth flour­ish
And all her crea­tures?
Will the earth nour­ish
Will the peo­ple thrive? (×3)

Repeat A ×1

C: Take the long far-see­ing view
Bear in mind the big­ger pic­ture
For the future of the peo­ple
And the many strands
Of the web of life (×2)

Repeat A ×2

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