Peace Salaam Shalom

  • 2‑part round with oblig­a­to parts I & I

Round (1st time in uni­son, then in 2 parts):
Peace, salaam, shalom (×4)

Oblig­a­to I (starts 3rd time round)
Peace, salaam, shalom, Peace, salaam, shalom

  1. We believe in peace (×4)
  2. We will work for peace (×4)
  3. Jerusalem — Ramal­lah — in Syr­ia — in Tahrir Square
  4. in Hebron — in Kab­ul — in Bagdhad — in Scotland
  5. We believe in peace (×4)

Oblig­a­to II (starts upbeat to round, 3rd time):
shalom, salaam (×4)

Final time: round in unison

Full sung ver­sion (record­ed for remem­brance day, 2020):

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