Farewell to Shopping

Sis­ter Susie went away,
To the shops the oth­er day
As she stepped out in style, with a wave and a smile
Oh my word she did look gay!

As the bus pulled out she said
‘I’m gonna have some fun in town!’
When she came back home,
Look­ing tired and wan
She was singing a dif­fer­ent song:

Oh shop­ping, oh shop­ping,
It’s a pas­time that I’m  sure­ly stop­ping.
Though some might miss it so,
I’ll be sav­ing a lot of dough,

By drop­ping, my shop­ping,
I’ve a feel­ing that would be just top­ping
If you agree, why not fol­low me,
And say ‘Chee­rio to shopping!’’


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